Saturday, May 15, 2010

For those of you who were at the Intro to Ayurveda workshop at Back Bay Yoga, thanks for your interest! There will be opportunities to grow together in the Ayurvedic study and practice. Beginning with a week-end in October 16&17 focused on the much-promised fall cleanse. Followed by Friday afternoon workshops on the Ayurvedic Kitchen and Ayurvedic Skin Care, Nov 12 and Dec 10. All are at Back Bay Yoga, stay tuned for more workshops at other locations.
I will be heading to India for June and you can expect to see a blog once a week while I am there.

As mentioned, the link to learn about the Namarupa pilgrimage to North india THIS september! Join us...

And (TaDa!) here is the recipe I promised for Ayurveda's most digestible food- Kichari, a rice and dahl soup.

Remember this: Food and the act of eating is sacred. Sit down; connect with your meals. Chew. Relax. Enjoy.


1 c. Basmati Rice
½ c. mung dahl (Split mung dahl is yellow color and can be purchased at Asian and Indian groceries. If it has added coloring, rinse double well in cold water and soak for a few hours before cooking, or overnight)
1 c steamed vegetables of your choice (one at a time)
1 Tbsp ghee
1 tsp each as you like, whole or powdered: cumin seed, fresh ginger, fennel seed, coriander, turmeric, salt.
Fresh cilantro (optional)

Cook the rice and dahl together with 6 c. water. White rice takes about 20 min. On the side sauté the spices in the ghee (except turmeric, you just add this one at the end) a few minutes, until you can smell them. Don’t burn your spices. These will be added along with salt before eating. If the veggies steam quickly you can throw them in with the grains and spices, stir with fork and cover for the last 5 minutes of grain time. If they are longer cooking, cook them on the side and add in with the spices for the last 5 minutes.