Tuesday, December 21, 2010

2011 Ayurvedic Excitement

Skin of the Yogi: Natural Skin Care From Your Pantry
Back by Popular Demand!

Back Bay Yoga, Saturday Jan 23, 2:30-5. $50 (includes materials)

The chemical nature of most of the products available for body care is a problem for your health, and for your watershed. This workshop will beautify you AND the planet by teaching alternative ways of caring for skin and hair, using familiar ingredients which aren’t hard to come by. India’s ancient healing system of Ayurveda provided a sophisticated beauty regimen for royalty, using only ingredients found in nature. It’s time for you to treat yourself like royalty. You will create an Ayurvedic facial, learn how to care for your skin type, and go home with a goody bag.


Rachel said...

swallow's nest in an edible gel form is supposed be good for the skin too. it gives that clear and pasty skin that we all love.

it's mad expensive. my brother and i bought some for my mom for her birthday. it was like 400 bucks for like a 6-8 oz jar. Luckily we finally found the one of popular brand online (hongkong-bird-nest.50webs.com/index_e.htm and http://www.euyansang.com/)

dad said it's really popular in indonesia. that a guy has to climb a high mountain to get the nest. that's why it's so expensive.

i mean why doesn't the dude just look for the fabled korean swallow king, capture it and let it lay eggs full of gold! then, he wouldn't have to work so hard and climb them high mountains.

Anonymous said...

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